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Extreme Thoro-Clean:

This Service is for those extra soiled/matted areas that need extra cleaning power.
Learn more about our cleaning process.

Because we feature the Thoro-Clean System, our service includes what many companies will charge extra for. That’s why we are the best value in the Prescott area.

Residential service:

We are happy to provide a quote based on square footage of cleaning areas

Commercial service:

We charge by the area/room. Any area or room that is greater than 250 square feet (or is considered a combination use room (ie living/dining combo room)) will be charged as an additional area. Each 250 square foot increment is considered another area/room for pricing. Bathrooms, hallways, entries, walk-in closets, stairs and area rugs have a different price structure and are not included in other area/room pricing structure. Our commercial vacuuming is $7 per area/room. If you vacuum thoroughly before we arrive (including the edges), we will remove the vacuuming charge to save you money.

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